for the people


'consciousness of community is important and we want to vibrate higher, together' - barefoot boheme

the earth cannot support our current level of consumption. small, conscious actions relentlessly pursued, can protect all life on our planet. yet no individual person can solve 21st century climate, conservation, or socio-economic challenges alone. the alliance offers a unique framework through which to unite and engage all community members, including the youngest, to be active participants in working together toward a common goal. as hubs of communities, schools can help transform markets, policy, education and behaviour, increase community resilience, mitigate climate change, and prepare citizens to think and act in new and creative ways today, so that future generations can thrive. 
- green schools alliance

partnered with shopify, we're providing you with a feel-good platform to give and grow, so with that principal $5 from every purchase goes to supporting green schools alliance 

green schools alliance envisions a world where every person is aware of and accountable for the impact they have in creating an environmentally, economically, and equitably sustainable future.

'children are the most creative and optimistic people on the planet. they are ready to take on the challenges and opportunities of the world today. by supporting green school students, you are helping them to do just this.'
- john & cynthia hardy, founders green school