it all begins with love, baby!      

we believe in the magic of one{ness} so we decided to design a heart-led business that produces no-fuss, fashion forward yoga + après-yoga bodysuits with an even higher purpose – to keep the focus on your practice, while mastering the art of play (no pull-downs or awkward wedgies here) and trust us, these babies can move, groove, bend and stretch!  

we run a circular and sustainable business model. operating on the basis of made-to-order for wholesale and online to encourage intentionally-produced products in order to eliminate mass production and waste.

our fabrics

we work in the highest quality vita fabric made in italy. our sustainable techno-fabric is made from regenerated nylons sourced from fishnets, plastic bottles and post-consumer products that turns waste problems into beautiful and stylish creations. this fabric is versatile, hyper-resistant, with the perfect amount of stretch and support. thanks to it’s innovative construction it’s twice as resistant to sweat, chlorine, creams and oils and boasts anti-bacterial qualities and is also a water repellent. this fabric is also silky smooth, think: cashmere for activewear, you’re welcome.

all our prints are done digitally, with zero effluent waste water and no chemical run off. digitally printed fabric is an environmentally clean and sustainable way to print in bali, it also reduces the CO2  which significantly limits the contribution to climatic warming while reducing water consumption by 30%.